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  • KC Martin

    Once-Majestic Cities That Sank Beneath The Ocean Lion City (Shi Cheng) of Qingdao Lake, China.

  • Lexington Suburban

    scuba dive into the Lost underwater Lion City

  • Jennifer Benge

    Once upon a time, an ancient city in China was named Lion City because Five Lion Mountain loomed large behind it. The city, also known as Shi Cheng, has been buried beneath the water for 53 years. Like the lost Incan City of Machu Picchu was ‘rediscovered,’ so was this lost underwater city that had been founded about 1,300 years ago. Lion City is now located about 85 – 131 feet (26-40 meters) beneath the gorgeous Thousand Island Lake (Qiandao Lake)

  • Luggage Online

    This photo shows a piece of Shi Cheng taken during an underwater video of the place.

  • Jongin Jung

    "Lion City" - The Lost City of China. Underwater Qiandao Lake, China.

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