I need to try this! I have so much scrapbook paper just laying around

wall art w/ scrapbook paper

DIY artwork! Mod podge project on a black canvas with scrapbook paper leaves

DIY Home Decor Wall Art: DIY (Pinterest Inspired) Wall Art

Pinterest Interests.: Homemade Canvas Art/ We could do this for their rooms

Mixed media canvas using basic supplies such as scrapbook paper, book pages, acrylic paints, stamps and embossing powder.

I want to make this for my living room :)

Button tree! Idea for fun DIY art

Find frames from a thrift store, attach wood to all sides, paint and hang on wall. New and creative shelves

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cover 12x12 cuts of wood or canvas with scrapbook paper for decorative wall art

tightly rolled-up magazine pages glued onto canvas

i like this

Button Lampshade! (I would like to do this with a paper lantern!)

Wood blocks decorated with scrapbook paper and vinyl

i'm obsessed.

Wrap canvas with string. Spray paint with your choice of colors. Remove string. Tada! Art!

Elmer's glue on canvas. Then paint.

Wall installation using canvas and stencil. Christmas lights behind it. Incredible!

Emmy - crafting idea, scraps from granny?! Fabric cross on wood

Wall Art