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    • Agar Chy

      Postcard with a woman on the phone saying ‘Hello, 1950s? You left your oppressive gender roles in our century. Can you come pick them up?’

    • Margo Emily

      Hello, 1950s? You left your oppressive gender roles in our century, Can you come pick them up? @Stacey Marie

    • Catherine Best

      Some men are still insecure about what society thinks when it comes to "gender roles" but gender roles have changed a lot over the years. Men are now doing more household chores and women are "bringing home the bacon." I know men who are stay at home fathers while the women go to work. There's no rule that says a man has to work and a woman has to stay at home. A man can take care of a child as well as a woman can. <--- on the other hand, this ecard still holds far too much truth.

    • Jennie De Castro

      Oppressive gender roles just need to stop. Not just for women. For everyone.

    • caroline mc

      "Hello, 1950s? You left your oppressive gender roles ...."

    • Bethany Bjur

      Yes. So true.

    • Camryn Wrage


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    She looked around the group and thought very hard. From a survival point, she was safest here. But she knew. She knew if she allowed herself to feel for them as more than fellow survivors, she wouldnt be able to cope with their deaths. And death was inevitable. But her pain didnt have to be. She thought very hard about everything for a long time and then she drew a line.

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