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    Childcare and Work: The Privilege of Choice

    • LifeLetter Cafe

      They really said it . . "What follows are 5 leadership lessons that I learned along the way from my incredible mother…. . . " @_paulalexander Catch Paul's newest post . . "5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from my Mom" . . at Life Notes . . the Cafe blog . .

    • Andrea Deringer

      The Truths of Being a Stay at Home Mom. Who knows if this will be me...but this may come in handy someday. Also just a good blog on raising kids.

    • betseyross

      #p2 #thedemocrats #teaparty #icot #tcot ‘I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids’: Self-Loathing Feminist pens ‘worst blog post ever’

    • JJ Veale

      10 Comparisons Between Working Mom and Home Mom 1. When you say, “Right now that purchase is just not in the budget,” your co-workers rarely fall to the ground, howling like professional mourners, and tell you it is the worst day of their life.

    • Colleen Wright

      Fantastic... to the point blog... The Alpha Parent: Why the way you feed your baby is MY business

    • Laura G Owens

      British study shows kids of working moms just fine. Heres why. Frankly, I already intuitively knew kids of working moms are fine, at least with the parents I know, and I've been home full-time with my daughter since she was 9 months. So why do I care? I'm at home so I could finger point at working mothers. I care because I don't believe in shaming people for what is natural and that is: some women want to work, have to work, deserve to work.

    • Anna Silveira

      A Day in the Life of a Full Time Working Mama #workingmom

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