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Puerto Rican/Cuban Recipes. Rellenos de Papas. Potato on the outside. Filling on the inside.

flan pâtissier à la vanille (Custard tart with vanilla) | photographer: Christelle of la cerise sur le gâteau's

This lens is all about authentic Puerto Rican flan recipes. These flan recipes are so easy to follow and so delicious. Flan is one of the most popular desserts among the Hispanic community but lately non Hispanics are also falling in love with the flan. I hope you will try them yourselves.

Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken -looks yummy, requires a couple steps prior to and mid-way through cooking

How to make Tocinillo del Cielo) Easy Cuban and Spanish Recipes Think about it: an island nation where the main crop is sugar cane. The result? Cuban desserts that come in three flavors: sweet, sweeter, and "you've got to be kidding!" Yes, Cubans have never been stingy with the sugar and Cuban desserts are among the sweetest in the world.

True Puerto Rican cuisine is an art, and much of it begins with the sofrito. This is a mixture of lard or olive oil, achiote seeds, bell pepper, onion, garlic, culantro, oregano and sometimes ham.

pinon. more yummy food. (puerto rican) I don't care what people say nothing better than my Rican food(;

Tostones: fried plantanes Laura Jayson Jayson Jablonski

For the Love of Food » Cuban Pastelitos de Carne – Cuban Meat Pastries – recipe