I love my Buddha Bowl!

Buddha Bowl - Asian-Inspired for Rice, Soup, Coffee Mug (in Tofu)

Love this for pistachios or cherries! The shells or pits are just tossed down the shoot and out of sight.

White & Green Double Dip Bowls

This White & Green Double Dip Bowls serves olives, pistachios cherries and other tricky bites without the pits of clutter.

Get a bit pointy with this awesome spiky mug. So when those dreaded unwanted hands reach for your precious coffee. Bam That's what you get

Spiky Mug Made To Order Black and Blue Dangerously Spiky Mug by Symmetrical Pottery

HIDDEN ANIMAL MUGS from Uncommon Goods #poachit

HIDDEN ANIMAL MUGS. Designed by Angeline Tetrault. I drank out of a mug like this at my grandma's house (a frog mug!

SQUISHY MUGS - SET OF 2 | Adorable, Cute, Home & Garden, Made From Ceramic | UncommonGoods

Squishy Mugs - Set of 2

Hold-Me Mugs

Hold-Me Mugs

Easily hold able mug that let's you wrap your hands around it to feel the warmth of the tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever you choose to put in it

tazzabaffi.jpg (1500×1282)

Any type of hot beverage cup with a moustache on it.

10 Uncommon Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

If I got stuck on a desert island and only had one piece of cookware, it would be my Le Creuset french oven. Not because it would necessarily outperform other cookware under the harsh island conditions—but because it's lovely design and functionality would remind me of a more civil time and perhaps provide me that glimmer of hope that I might need to survive.

My red pot sits on top of my stove ready, willing, and able. I love my Le Creuset.