just one final lick....



baby french bulldog costume. the end. @Christine Wilson Um...wouldn't Harlen be so cute dressed as MONGO?!?!?

poor pup!

A dream come true!

let's go for a walk

Come to the bark side @Kim Kiwi



How come my dogs think baths are 4 letter word? They will swim ALL day but bath, no way! This dog must be something else~: Animals, Dogs, Pet, Bathtime, Puppy, Bath Time

big dog:how are things down there? little dog:good! big dog:things up here are good too. little dog:at least you can see out the window! big dog:well you can......i got nothin.

Good Dog

Dreamy Whites: Happy Thanksgiving, French Bulldogs, Modern Wool, French Inspired Autumn Table _ Wish I had one of these puppies.

Cocker Spaniel Puppy


"Oh, the humiliation."

Never let me go….


Soooo cute! Pup teaching puppy to go down stairs / via YouTube