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Bronze Vein Red Coral Designer Cabochon RC12 by RockingGems, $11.99 #cabochons #gemstones #jewelry #coral

agatized coral,this pic can make u feel the softness of the coral

Red Fossil Horn Coral Agatized slice by FenderMinerals , Utah from Fossils board by Vincent Chong #minerals #rocks #crystal

Fossil Coral from Indonesia

Colorful fossilized coral, from Indonesia. This material is often drab or monotone, so good, solid pieces with strong hues are few and far between. This one has rich coloration, One can clearly see the stone's unmistakeable one-of-a-kind pattern of flower-like starbursts. Hence the name 'flowers of the sea', as it is sometimes known. The stone is actually composed of the highly silicated fossil remains of colonial sea coral, many millions of years old! 58x24mm/56 carats

Utah - Red Horn Coral - This amazes me! - The translucence of the stone - The tiny tubules rising to it's surface - The color

When I first glanced at this, I thought it was an abstract LEGO creation. 0,0 Might have to try that....

Ippolita 'Wonderland' Teardrop Earrings

Rock Coral Bangles by Katherine Wheeler. Hope these are sustainably harvested. [edit: they are porcelain :) ]

1400-1050 B.C. Late Bronze Age. Culture: Cypriot. Gold pendant with granulated ornament.