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.great idea. Linking Verbs


One student reads a word while two other students race to try to smack the bug with the corresponding word. Could do with math problems as well.

I can't wait to try this hands on sight word activity. (This idea, from Ann Shep at Kinder Journey, is free - grab some craft sticks and clothespins to build a set!) :}

Henry and Mudge: Beginning, Middle, and End books

5 Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words at Home

Prefix and Suffix Spiders

When they catch a fish, they must read the sight word, and color the corresponding fish on their Let's Go Fishin' worksheet. The fish then go back in the pond, and the game continues until their worksheet is completed. Can modify with math facts.

Spelling Scribble..could use this for any vocabulary or words that relate,e.g., School words, or holiday words. The list is endless.

Multiple Meaning Words [love it]

GENIUS. Sight Word Fluency - This is such a fabulous system for tracking and assessing sight words, and to make it even better, it gets kids motivated!

Fry's First 100 Cookie Sheet Word Mats

Beginning and ending digraphs Paint Stick Phonics is a fun way to sort digraph sounds. Pages included to sort pics into a notebook as well!

Seashell Sight Words - dig up seashells and then write the sight words in the sand.

5 {actually 7!} awesome reading boards


Don't Break the Ice game with sight words

Fluency is Not Just About speed! Great fluency resources.

Reading Ideas for Frustrated Parentsby The Tutor House

To use with Fighting the Fire story for the Treasures reading I'll miss 2nd Erika * Noe

Tons of very cool Color by number pages...YES PLEASE! !!! If you have kids, grandkids or you're just like me and love to color, lol, this site is for you!!

Hundreds of free audio stories for children:

Common Core Crunch - April - FrEeBiE Sampler

making words folder with post-its (instead of letter tiles)

Hidden Sight Word Coloring Worksheets!