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St. Bernard puppy with a look that would melt anyone's heart. Look at his paws! Noooo; he won't get big; not at all. hehe.

aww dog ♥ pug and saint bernard ♥

St. Bernards ♥ My parents have raised them for forever, only wish I could convince the hubby that we need one!

St. Bernard. A great breed of dog that no human would not want to pet. Known for being the second best dog breed that are wonderful with children and babies. When you look past the slobbering, you can see they are very smart and loyal. And of course, my one would be called Beethoven. :-)

The Saint Bernard was developed in medieval Switzerland as a cart hauler & companion pet for the monks of the Bernardine Hospice. The Saint Bernard is a kind breed, benevolent with children, but its bulk makes it unsuitable for most urban living. The Saint Bernard comes in long- and shorthaired varieties- both handle cold well.

to ali -- it made me laugh!

German Shepard pup....i just love shepard's.....the BEST dog i ever had was a shepard named Eric. 40+ years since he died & I still miss & think of him

Don't Worry Buddy, Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes, No Exceptions To That Rule. What You Do Next Is Up To You. #QUOTE