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Some images on Pinterest are so silly when you think about them.

Damnit. All this time I thought the mini was a great ride for a single mom w/2 kids. CRAP!!

OMG Yes please!!! Everyone who got married before Pinterest should get another shot at it....

This is accurate. Usually it's "I could shove them right off this bridge/cliff and no one would know"

it's okay, everyone has these thoughts! AHAHAHA! I have stepped on so many of Andy's lego's and everytime thats when he has to pick them all up or lose them.. He will get this :)

Whenever I delete an app on my iPhone, the shaking icons make me feel that they're panicked over who's getting cut from the team.

My favorite one was when I drove my "Shoe Carnival" the other day and the "S" was out.

Afraid to Pin something b/c you will lose your place in scrolling.

YES!!!!!! I say that allllll the time and watching it just makes me so mad....oooo....I won't do it, but I could spit nails.

What Is That All About omg this is actually true

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