Ryan Reynolds ♥.I really like him. Please check out my website Thanks.

Divergent>>>> Theo James = TOBIAS I don't normally pin pictures of attractive men, but when i do they are from books :)

The Vigilante...Stephen Amell - Imgur

Orlando Bloom, male actor, celeb, beard, powerful face, intense eyes, steaming hot, eyecandy, sexy, portrait, photo b/w

Best part of the movie "Valentine's Day" - Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper as a couple. Great eye candy!

Chris Pine- I dont know who he is either but ahh his eyes and facial hair, gorgeous man

Mariano Di Vaio


Sexy Tom Hardy♥♥♥ come get me Tom :D

Evening Eye Candy: Cuban Actor And Model William Levy | Page 4 ... Wasn't going to pin this but screw it, he's gorgeous!

Charlie Hunnam -Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller

Jesse Williams. Dr. Avery on Grey's anatomy.... those eyes make me happy :)

David Beckham.... Umm.......... What was I saying??

Oh no, I've dropped my Jensen Ackles eye candy in the dirt. Oh what to do, what to do ... I believe the "five second rule" applies here! :D

Oh. My. Word. Maybe not a full beard but who cares with those eyes

Is it possible to be proud of someone you don't even know? If so, then I'm proud of Robert Downey Jr.

Eye Candy...yes, I agree but what is his name?

The Longest Ride

Awesome picture of my boyfriend! (Fiancee, don't tell, shhhh! lol)

Josh Duhamel...Any celebrity who loves animals is instantly my friend (photo of Josh Duhamel). Josh is working in partnership with PetSmart Charities to raise awareness of pet adoption.- ❥-Mari Marxuach Parrilla