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    Giraffes are not very good at hide and seek...This made me laugh really hard!! No idea why!

    I don't know where this trend originally came from or what it is mocking, but I flipping love that first one so much.

    The longer I look at it the funnier it gets

    I have the necessary koalafications. Your koalafications are completely irrelephant. Don't listen to him. He's lion. This arguing is becoming unbearable. Indeed, it's making my voice horse. Please horse. When do you ever say something smart? Don't worry, owl wait. Ouch! Hawkward! I'm out of here! You are all giraffing me crazy! Alpaca your things. Let minnow when you get there!

    Oooo look how happy the daddy is on the very last panel!! Laughing my butt off haha

    LMAO. I couldn't pass this and not appreciate the beauty of the bottom picture.

    I'm laughing too hard at this

    I just love that face hahaha...I can't stop laughing!