so true!

So true

I love this saying! So true!


Yeah, pretty much. :)

So true!

I'm not weird


So true .. better to wait for a great catch then to have to change who u r for anyone♡

Bits of Truth...

I'm crazy and I know that. I'm not ashamed. I used to be because people looked down on me for it and so I started to change. Now I hate that I did that and I'm working on getting it all back. Just remember always be you, there's only one of you and we need it :)

so true.

True Friendship.

There's always a little truth

the most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren't very lovable



Exactly how I feel about my husband. He was just supposed to be a fun single date. It turned in to 7 years, three kids, 4 moves and a marriage.

This couldn't be more true.