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Clutter Busters for Kids

Do you find yourself constantly “tidying –up”? Do you feel like all your hard work cleaning is undone as soon as the kids walk in the door? Do you ever ask yourself if you live with a bunch of ‘whirl-winds’? As a mom of 3 busy kids, I felt like I was constantly picking stuff …
  • Jenny Maurer

    Tips for teaching kids to reduce clutter and pick up. Like the idea of taking pictures of what it should look like when picked up- like an answer sheet.

  • Amy Epley

    5 Fun Clutter Busters for kids

  • Spangler

    Some good ideas for getting the kidlets to help pick up without the moans...

  • Jane Harris

    Clutter Busters for kids. These are some fun ideas-- I'll have to try them!

  • Emilie Schulze

    Clutter Busters for Kids! Ways to get your kids to help pick up.

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I need to print this out and hang it somewhere I can see it while cleaning.

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Most kids want to start helping when they are 2 or 3 years old. Below is an infographic that includes creative ways for your children to help clean up. We’ve broken it down by age and have included some other facts about chores, too. We hope you find this helpful! #infographic

A good website that shows how children can manage their money no matter what their age! :)

If I (or hubby) ever travel for work, this would be fabulous for the little one: they get to open an envelope everyday we are gone and have an activity prepared for them by the parent that's away or something else special for them to do. Helps them remember Mommy and Daddy will be back soon but also that they love them enough to put this together. Love that!