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Chocolate Havanese will be my next one and it's name will be Lincoln, whether a male or female.

brown bear

Brown Bears

Bison- buffalo




teenaged buck. sadly those beautiful antlers he is growing will be the death of him. only humans hunt down the most magnificent animals for the sole purpose of destroying their life.


Awww, a brown baby penguin! ;p

German Shorthair pointer puppy -- this will be my future puppy ♥

#reindeer #xmas


Ole' Bear...tattered & torn.

Waiting for Mom by steven Kazlowsk

Mackinac Island Fudge Recipe

Chocolate giant cupcake with buttercream roses, gold blossoms and chocolate cupcake liner.

Love chocolate ❤

Brown Swirls Wedding Cake


we are friends

Chocolates #chocolate, #deserts, #food,


just a little love bite