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  • Lisa Wolfe Tober

    Garret Amerine cute li'l shorts!

  • Kelly Murphy

    Swim trunks

  • Troy Stanley

    Guardian Angel tattoo

  • Jammie Corona

    sexy guys with tatoos | ahh i love a hot guy in trunks especially when he has some hot tattoos

  • Iris Lopez

    Eye Candy

  • Charlene Meddock-Martin

    atlinmerrick: Wheeee! A photo manipulation for Mehndi! And half-naked man! In time for penis Friday! And, if I’m not mistaken, Sherlockscarf, his shorts could double as the teeny, tiny ones Sherlock wears in the fic. sherlockscarf: I have seen a lot of Sherlock illustrations for AtlinMerrick’s fic, “Mehndi,” but none of John and his “surprise” from Chapter 4. I had to rectify that! So, here is Atlin’s BAMFy, sexy, hot, hot, hot John.