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I love Annie & her Moo Poo Tea! ->P Allen Smith and Annie Haven of Authentic Haven Brand at Moss Mountain Garden Home

Garden Tip: Annie Haven of Authentic Haven Brand from the Garden Home of P Allen Smith

Annie Haven's Moo Poo tea!

P. Allen Smith Garden Home

At the home of P. Allen Smith.

Garden Ornaments | At Home With P. Allen Smith

P Allen Smith trialing Authentic Haven Brand in his Greenhouse

Hibiscus House: Authentic Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea & Hibiscus House Roses

Steve Bender Southern Living P Allen Smith Garden Home Annie Haven Authentic Haven Brand in a front porch conversation!

Blooming Update from Jenn Bronson: I will only ever grow my paper whites in Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew in the future. My first round was pretty, but leggy in the soil. These have stayed stocky, sturdy, and twice the number of blooms! — with Annie Haven's Moo Poo teas .

Annie Haven - Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

Barbara Sanderson of Glass Gardens Northwest: Just 5 short days from planting seeds with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew and these squash are HUGE! Thanks Annie Haven for such a wonderful natural fertilizer!

Manure teabag lady, Annie Haven @GreenSoil @Authentic Haven Natural Brew

LaManda Joy (@TheYarden) shares Haven Brand "Moo Poo Tea" in the Peterson Garden Projects "Victory" display garden at the 2013 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

2013 Northern California rosarian Ria de Grassi shares her Don Juan Climber season three of feed and foliage spraying naturally with Haven Brand "Moo Poo Tea"

College hort research study pleased with plant growth and now Moo Poo Tea under a microscope! by Kate of @inhabitingtrees findings fungal hyphae (long) & good bacteria w/ aeration & nutritional value without aeration

Annie Haven of Haven Brand Soil Conditioners is every gardeners friend. Her all natural manure teas will feed your soil and give you awesome bloom power! @Authentic Haven Natural Brew

Bigger Bolder Blooms with Deeper Depth of Color Barbara Sanderson of Glass Gardens NW hydrating bulbs in Authentic Haven Brand manure tea before planting. It stimulates root growth!

Pumpkin Lantern plants fed Authentic Haven Brand keep your Fall/Winter gardens and indoor plants fed naturally

garden cloches - I want one!

Authentic Haven Brand on page 86 of the beautiful book Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet