Sad face #greyhound


What I look at all the time... Elle Wilson,artist


Charcoal greyhound - thomas dang vu drawing

A Little Guilty... I love the dog drawings by this artist (AlmostAnAngel66)!!

/Now/ Pick Me Up 13 - Sarah Maycock


watercolor, love! .

Hello friend.

greyhound art

~ Greyhound Painting ~

Greyhounds by ~Paso on deviantART

Valerie this face love her art---i own about 4 of these (not originals unfortunately), but i still love them.

Greyhound in Fawn

Donalee Peden Wesley Drawings | Studies

A Little Cheeky

The Athenaeum - Anna Palmer Draper (John White Alexander - 1888) Greyhounds in portrait.