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  • Kendra Nelson

    Random geek facts...

  • Becca Thomas

    pretty funny. I identify with almost ALL the music on the hipster iPod. I suppose I could be considered a mix of geek and hipster. I like a lot of things hipsters like but for genuine reasons. I've liked them all my life, not just because they are almost ready to come back in fashion.

  • Kelsey Rogers

    "Geek vs Hipster!" Does anyone else find it funny they id graphic design as a hipster thing, yet the design of this flyer is kind of beautiful?


    Geek vs Hipster, this is great design, and is really raising a laugh....

  • Sarah Dillard

    Geekery comin' atcha. geek-vs-hipster-gross.jpg 500×3,265 pixels

  • Elena Price

    Geeks Vs Hipsters #infographic for a laugh

  • Angie Curtis

    geek vs hipsters... Hmmm. I think I'm definitely more of a geek. My love for nerdy things but I just happen to like things before others like it!! Grr!! But nerds rules

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Glad to know I'm not a hipster, but actually a geek. I wonder where Indie Kids and Hippies fall... back to blogging and listening to 80s hair bands. May the force be with you. =D

From Urkel to Gleek, the continuing evolution of the Geek. #squishable #plush

In definitely both. So much love for gadgets and I'm definitely a Mac but I'm also in love with academics and scifi/fantasy.

Should I send this email? Interesting facts about the amount of emails we see on a daily basis.

Should I Send This Email? (I like the part right before the okey dokey click send)

I like my dad because he is in between because he watches Doctor Who with me and sometimes Stars Wars or Star Trek. Love you dad / not mum :)

This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

Evolution of the geek. lol~ xP I will have to disagree about combining 'book geek' with 'Twilight' though...but that's just my opinion~.

Simon Pegg on the definition of geek…sexy in a geeky way :)

As much as Morgan hates hipsters, he's going to DIE when he sees how much of this applies to him. I mean DIE!