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    I swear to God the teachers have an evil alliance sworn to instill our misery... and they call it FINALS WEEK.

    i feel much better :) media-cache0.pint... dyoupidoo quotes and sayings

    How Grad School Is Just Like Kindergarten, currently getting my masters as an electrical engineer

    I choose a social life and good grades. No sleep for Becky!

    Most comforting advice I received from an ER nurse- "at this point the patient can't get any worse, so don't be afraid when doing CPR"

    This is the exact comic that I think of on days like today during lunch. You have no idea how big a part Calvin and Hobbes was of my childhood:)

    This was definitely high school, college, and grad school for me.

    Grad School Stereogram...yep and after 2 days with no sleep and coffee overload you start to hear things too!

    I bet only my grad school friends will think this is funny. Made me laugh though :)

    How to pour wine. Some days you just need a little extra.