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Lalique "Cinq Chevaux", Five Horses, was created for Andre Citroen and the introduction of his new 5CV (5 horsepower) model launched at the 1925 Intl Expo of the Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris. All mascots were introduced between 1925 and 1931& Lalique produced 30 glass mascots (well, there was a 31st, but it was produced exclusively for Britain's royal family). Today, only three complete sets of the 30 Lalique hood ornaments remain.

Tete de Paon (Peacock Head) car mascot or hood ornament by Rene Lalique, February 3, 1928

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1928 Lalique Blue Peacocks Head Car Hood Ornament***Research for possible future project.

R. LALIQUE Mascot hood ornament, "Sirene," c. 1920

Lalique Automobile Mascots - Retronaut Longchamps Double (Photo Credit Courtesy of RM Auctions)

Lalique butterfly hood ornament

Duesenberg's Lalique Hood Ornament

Lalique hood ornaments ca. 1932. Currently for auction on for a mere $800,000 starting bid for the collection of 30. If you feel so inclined to buy it, send me the naked one.