• Jess

    sugar + chemicals = not good. Fitness motivation. Trying so hard to eat healthy, need to remember this. Water is my new best friend.

  • Jennifer Grier

    A 20 ounce soda has 10-12 tea spoons of sugar. 1 in 20 Americans have more than 4 cans a day. I NEED to remember this!

  • Bekah Skates Woodman

    Soda pop is… 22 packs of sugar = GROSS. I never thought about it that way.

  • Summer Knight

    A 20 ounce soda has 10-12 tea spoons of sugar. 1 in 20 Americans have more than 4 cans a day....used to be me & im so glad im only drinking water now!

  • one2b

    STOP! making bad choices, start by cutting out soda and flavor add to water drinks..., water and lemon is a healthier choice...,

  • Charlotte Rae

    SO TRUE! Need to have this thought in my head constantly. I am addicted to Diet Coke!

  • Smart for Life®

    Soft drinks are loaded with sugar. Do your body some good and drink water. Try our delicious water enhancers instead!

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set a "waterversary" of drinking 80 oz a day!

drink more water :) grandma was always right

Something as little as drinking enough water can have a big effect on cortisol levels, leading you weight loss, better sleep, and all sorts of other benefits.

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Not so sure about the one before going to bed. Having to wake up to pee all the time might aggravate me into a heart attack lol.

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Water...i need constant reminders why i should drink it! Find more like this at