• Viviane Hettinger

    haha#commercial ads #funny commercial ads #funny commercial #interesting ads| http://awesome-funny-commercial-ads-photos.blogspot.com

  • Amy Thompson

    True story from Sir Mixalot

  • ༶Patty Roy༶

    Some E cards Only trust people with big butts. They cannot lie.

  • Lara Ricks

    Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie. | Breakup Ecard

  • April Kirchner

    So funny!!! These chalker stalkers HATE big butts, but the majority of them HAVE big butts... a little self esteem transference, eh?

  • Bryan

    Hahahahaha funny stuff.

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This picture makes me think of global warming because from the movie Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio died from being frozen so because of global warming it is jokingly saying he is unfrozen and back.

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This gif


I would never pay attention to anything ever again.

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Lol all the time!!

haha too funny

NSYNC in Lisa Frank. the 90's defined. You're welcome.

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Don't know if I should actually consider pinning this to my home board...lol

Lmao i dont know why this is so funny

Let's be honest, we are all guilty of this.

nodamncatnodamncradle: "Can we all take a minute and appreciate that hundreds of years ago a person poured hours of hard work into painting cherubs making human fart bubbles."

So funny

hahahaha! This will be my child