A map of the Unites States displaying the USDA Forest Service Regions. Select a Region on this map to display Celebrating Wildflower events, wildflower viewing areas, and wildflower photographs. Alternative text links are below this map.

Recommended native plants by state

State-specific native plant search, great tool: Native Plant Database, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Enhancing Wildlife Habitat on Farmlands

Map with Links for the Wisconsin State Park System

Make Seed Bombs! Get ready for the Spring! (via red ted art)

This website shows all factories that give tours in the United States. Pretty cool!!

Homemade butterfly feeder (via ehow)

Magnificent field of bright red poppies near Shaftesbury in north Dorset covers several acres of farmland

Restaurants with Amazing Views: Grotta Palazzese - Puglia, Italy

How to root Hydrangea Flowers for your Garden..

Clickable map of New York State plant species! The New York Flora Atlas is a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state, as well as information on plant habitats, ecological communities, and taxonomy. In addition, see images for each plant. Browse the Flora Atlas By Map Select a county below to view the list of plant species for that county.

Parsely Grow it: Thrives in a pot in the sun as long as the soil is kept moist. Feed with organic fertilizer. Use it: Immune-system booster. Eat one tablespoon of chopped flatleaf or curly parsley daily. Chewing parsley neutralizes mouth odors.


Illinois: Explore Giant City State Park. One of my favorite places in the world <3

Planters from pavers

Neat idea for a planter - Vintage cast iron pulley with buckets as pot holders for flowering plants. Maceteros en equilibrio**

How to make a wormery. Worm composting (aka vermiculture) takes up less space than a full sized composter and is a great way to learn about gardening (via the NurtureStore)

Fresh and pretty.

Soil Building Steps for Gardening Success

Appalachia. It's interesting that WV is the ONLY state in the entire region that is included completely. So we are all Appalachian, while the other states are divided somewhat. Hmm.