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    16 Facts about Sleep

    Random Life Facts. Some of these are actually kinda interesting:)

    How to figure out what to watch on Netflix. This much have taken hours to put together. Rather impressive.

    18 Amazing Facts About the Human Body

    headache guide

    How to Become a Morning Person.

    A Lifetime of Medical Checkups Infographic

    Do you think you know your sh*#? I love the graphics. Hilarious and helpful to maintaining good health.

    How the Ef is this possible?!?! How old is she!

    skinny rules

    Cool facts!

    Social Media explained with Coffee

    yoga for night shift nurse_workout_trends

    Courage the cowardly dog....O_O it makes sense!

    I've been wondering why it was called a buck. Now I know

    I think that they should make a mandatory nap time at work everyday! I love my naps!

    Stay inspired.

    good overview of spinal cord functions