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I have been truly blessed with two who have been with me through it all!! But let's not forget those who came in later and just made life a whole lot more enjoyable :) Love ya Besties:):)

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Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to be me.

This is true for the person that you don't even know in life and try to do shit for stupid reasons grow up I am not in high school and if u wanted to keep someone or something in or life u got to work for it not SIT ON UR ASS AND THINK THEY NEED TO DO IT ALL BC IF U THINK THAT U R NOT A WOMAN U R A USER U NEED TO LOOSE WHAT U DON'T NEED SO GO FUCK UR SELF!!!!!!!!!

His warm legs to put your cold feet on. Yup I totally do this to Eric. Eric and Summer are my everything. Eric truly is the best hubby ever!

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