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So there WAS a reason.... // Firefly / Serenity But that last sentence.... *shakes fist* FFOOOOOXXXXXX!!!! IT IS YOUR FAULT THERE ARE NO LITTLE WASH AND ZOE'S RUNNING AROUND!!!!! THIS IS AN ABOMINATION!!! *wimpers* can you imagine how adorable a little Wash would be..... :C Instead we have "I am a leaf on the wind" <3

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33 One-Sentence Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

1 is just basic truth i daydream a lot in a way that i think its unhealthy but i cant help it 2 to day dream more 3 concept of purpose

Firefly crew (Comic-Con 2011). This gives me hope that they'll be there for 2012 as well....and that I'll get to meet them...and get a hug....please

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Firefly - Serenity Silhouette - Joss Whedon | Photographic Print