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  • ♥ geri smith ♥

    Clothes pin bag. I have one that I still use when I hang clothes on the outdoor lines in the Summertime.

  • Diane

    outdoor clothes line & pins

  • Glenda Snider Eveans

    Clothespin bag like my grandmother had. I used to help hang clothes on the clothes line.

  • Ellen Garrison

    Old vintage Clothes pin bag - such memories came flooding back just looking at this bag.

  • Francisca

    I remember my mother making these clothespin bags or as she called them, " el morral de horquillas". Sometimes we would put clothes hanger for the wire.

  • Kathie Steinke

    Darling old clothes pin bag...

  • Darlene

    Clothespin holder

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I sooo remember one like this hanging on the clothes line, holding the clothes pins.

∷ Variations on a Theme ∷ Collection of old clothespins

On frosty winter days Mom would hang out the clothes to dry with clothespins like these. Hours later she would take them in frozen so stiff they could stand on their own. They would have to thaw and finish drying in the house.

A clothes pin bag! This picture brings back memories of my mother hanging ALL our clothes on "the line" either outside in warm months or in the basement during the winter months. Must have been about 1970 when they finally got a dryer.

36 vintage clothespins pinch style, clothes pins, clothes pegs, vintage laundry cute framed in a laundry room!!!

clothespins [In the backyard, for taking pictures from my quilts and stuff - background --> green nature]

Munising Michigan clothes pin box same factory that made Munising wood bowls.

Idea: pin a few feet of wire across a wall or corner, use clothespins to store and display scarves.

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