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Virtual field trip links and FREE printables. even great for an afternoon with the grandchildren.

Virtual Field Trips

Virutal field trips and worksheets for teachers who are not able to take their kids out of the classroom.

Going out of school and learning in the real world can provide some of the most rich and valuable learning experiences. But when this is not possible, this site provides teachers with a directory of virtual school trips to fascinating places through Google Hangouts. Join educators across the world and your children may even talk directly to experts.

If you're a teacher, join the Connected Classrooms Community to learn more about virtual field trips for your students.

Bring nature and culture from around the world to your students—and skip the costs. The Virtual Field Trips collection offers apps, videos, and Multi-Touch books from places like MoMA, the Smithsonian, the Met, the Palace of Versailles, the Grand Canyon, the U.S. National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Royal Opera House. Whether you’re teaching the arts, history, or the sciences, these resources present opportunities for interactive activities in almost any lesson.

The Virtual Field trips app would allow me to show students places around the world without ever leaving our classroom. I would use this as a visual aid for students when we are discussing a particular historic place.

16 Great Virtual Field Trips:  360 Panorama of the world, 3D Toads and more–animals, skeletons, etc (some for fee) Google World of Wonders, Pompeii—via Google Earth, Sistine Chapel, Virtual Body, Virtual Capitol, Virtual Cockroach, Virtual Farm, Virtual tours, Virtual tour (with pictures) of a zoo ,Virtual tours, Virtual tour–undersea, Virtual Zoo, Walk through the Forest (works better in Chrome), The White House (go to the White House on Google Earth, then zoom in)

16 Great Virtual Field Trips

I have searched long and hard for the type of virtual tour that immerses you in the environment. Lots of sites promise 'virtual tours' and deliver pictures.virtual cockroach - what?

Great collection of resources for virtual field trips around the world.

Virtual Field Trips: Using the Internet to Transport Kids Around the World

Virtual field trips is a great idea to explore the world without leaving the classroom! Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips Around the World! Love the live webcams.

Growing database of 250 virtual field trips.... most are FREE!

Growing database of 250 virtual field trips. most are FREE! I️ know that a lot of schools don’t have enough money for field trips. These websites would be interesting for my students to go on a “field trip” without actually spending money.

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Take a Peek Inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

See photos of the National Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian natural history museum in Washington, DC

Travel the World for FREE with this BIGGEST LIST EVER of Over 400 Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Tours ideas for Homeschoolers at Homeschoolerology.com!

Travel the World for FREE with Over 400 Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Tours ideas for Homeschoolers

Create-Abilities: 12 Virtual Field Trips You Don't Want To Miss!

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