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    oh please. i will raise her child for her so the poor kid doesn't have to go through that.

    • Rachel Bank

      I'm with Squidward on this... I put this under Funny Stuff but this brings me a great deal of concern...

    • Sidnee Love

      snooki's mothering logic. There is no hope for this world. almost too sad to be funny.. but on this board nonetheless.

    • Alex B

      snooki's mothering logic. There is no hope for this world...I really had faith she might do okay

    • Nicole Keene

      And the award for the dumbest mother goes to... Snookie! Never saw that one coming at all

    • Ariel Chan

      Or hit her as hard as you can... - snooki's mothering logic

    • Ashley Anderson

      snooki's mothering logic So wrong but so funny

    • rosa ochoa

      funny random things | Pinned by Emily Shedd

    • Anne 🎀

      This isn't even funny but yet I am laughing

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    Oh, Snooki...

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    Ohh my..

    best Snookie quote of all time. HAHA!

    How to ruin your children’s porn- omg- I don't usually like porn jokes but found this hilarious!

    Dave Grohl LOL

    I was talking about this with my friend and her family. Her mom brought up an interesting and really funny point. Imagine being the other candidates and losing to a cat


    Wow... Our future is fucked.

    I do not want to live on this planet anymore.

    Wow, I feel better about myself. It just keeps goin...

    Lies parents tell us

    Facepalm compilation - Funny Stuff. It hurts me to realize there are people out there that really do this.

    Ermahgerd girl looks totally different!

    logic? hahahaa



    Wrong, just wrong


    Whenever I'm having a bad day, I stop and give thanks that this is not my family.