diy faux capiz shells by ironing layers of bubble wrap between two sheets of parchment paper. wow.

This is Nuts!!! ReFab Diaries: Upcycle: Bubblewrap Beads!~Ironing layers between parchment paper to create the "shell" material. Super net.

i like this idea better than the plain wax paper since these will harden maybe they will make a sound when they hit each other unlike the just plain wax paper ones. i want to try this

beads made from bubble wrap

Del's Shells: Seashell Jewelry

ocean treasure pendant... Maybe use a bigger shell and make it a Christmas Ornanament

DIY Angels Made of Shells and Jewelry

coasters for glasses: double layered felt, with a flower or star cut out of the top layer to insert the base of your glass.

Dress it up With Shells

Jellyfish:plastic grocery bag/plastic water bottle/thread/food coloring. Flatten bag, cut off handle & bottom. Cut along both sides to split into 2 sheets, use only 1. From center sheet, fold tiny balloon for head, tie w/thread-not too tight. Leave little hole to pour water in head. Cut from edge to head for 8-10 tentacles. Cut ea again into 3-4 small strings. Trim into long & short pcs. Put water in head. Leave some air inside so floats. Fill bottle, add jellyfish & blue food coloring. Reca...

DIY Easy if we can find the XMas ornaments to do it... will reflect other lights too.

these earrings are made from plastic milk jug. I like the idea of turning plastic into capiz shells.

DIY: weaving stone

DIY rings using patterned paper.

How to dye sea shells with colour theory..thanks @Rainy Day Mum for mentioning our site Rainbow Seashells as inspiration Here's the post.

fused plastic sandwich_wraps

copper pipe tutorial

Painted Shell Necklace - Hand Painted Sea Shell Pendant on Leather Cord. $35.00, via Etsy.

DIY Shell Topped Bottles Tutorial + Beach House Decor + Cottage + Bungalow