• Kha Tralala

    life quotes funny but true Quotes Funny But True Viewing Gallery image

  • Chacha Nino

    Funny Stuff | you do this, funny things you do

  • Grayson C.

    Omg! I have done every single one if these things I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or laughing at my innocence!

  • Yer Xiong

    Admit it.. because it is true! :)))

  • kiyah shockley

    I still do it..... I'm done with public school. (no age or date on public site lol)

  • Catie Kolb

    Ho Ho Haw.. So true.. Childhood memories are beautiful! You are so innocently messed up to all this idiotic stuff! And the funniest thing is I DID ALL :) 😄

  • Hannah Stucki

    Random odd things everyone has done!

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