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Sonuva part XXXI

I'd like to have a total of 10 characters for Son'Uva. Here's a ninth! I don't have a name for this fighter yet, so he's just going.

Sonuva part XXXII

Was able to get some work done today on the new Son'Uva character. who shall be going under the production name of "Demon".

Sonuva part XXXVI

I wasn't able to get a ton of animation finished today, I fell asleep after work. I beg your forgiveness. But I am not empty handed!

Sonuva part X

Not a ton finished in the way of animation today. Sadis-Jyn is coming along nicely though; I've finished 2 of his attacks.


I drew this picture during a Summer course a few years ago. I can't seem to stop colorizing my old sketch.

Like a man Possessed...

Why two posts in one day?) Because I was busy this weekend and didn't do ANYTHING except enjoy the weather with .

Phone Scans!

The one real downside to having a job (aside from the potential suck-factor of that job) is that you're working during the peak hours of cre.

Turble Villains #2

Had some serious inspiration today to do some more concept art for the Turble Bosses. This particular one features a super intelligent tro.

Design Revision #52

Design Revision #52

Sonuva: Sadis-Jyn

Master assassin, snappy dresser, and a real eye for color. Made me some more promotional art for Son'Uva.