This is hilarious!

50 Adorable Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids And Babies. Seeing Is Believing. •• That kid in the Starbucks, that's my future kid right there, yup. Legit. ••

Best. toddler. costume. ever.

baby burrito

Humpty Dumpty

Baby Sparta costume. @John Peterson Bwahahaha!!!!

The tank is a soda bottle and it's connected to his pacifier. Cutest Halloween costume idea ever.


halloween costume!

best halloween costume. ever. Hahaha

cute costume!!!

Baby Halloween Costume...Sushi!

halloween mouse in a trap

Halloween costume, cute!

#baby halloween costume

Great Halloween costume for a toddler!

Wayne's World. Jim would LOVE this.

incredible homemade baby costume...totally going to be my child's 1st Halloween costume

good halloween costume

pregnant halloween costume