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  • Cassie Pfister

    FREE - Facebook Profile Character Sketch for Any Novel Activity. An instagram account is more relevant for middle school but good idea!

  • Staci Orta

    FREE - Facebook Profile Character Sketch for Any Novel Activity... for all my reading teacher friends

  • Heather Gold

    Free Facebook Profile Character Sketch Any Novel Activity - Tracee Orman -

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A new twist on the character sketch! Students will create a Facebook profile for a character from the novel (includes printable template). Can be ...

A fun and FREE creative way to learn about character development. Students are given a picture of a

Facebook Character Sketch - a fun, creative, and timely activity to engage students. Includes instructions, rubric, and several printables.

Facebook Character Sketch Lesson You Can Use With Any Novel or Story or in Social Studies with Historical Figure

This is relevant for older students, because most students have a Facebook page or at least know what it is and social media is very popular. It allows the students to be creative and artistic by drawing at the top and choosing what to share in the blank space. -Nicole Clark

Use this at the beginning of the year to get to know your students. Way more fun than a regular worksheet with a list of questions.

Create a "fakebook" page for a students have done this, but I never could find a good template! They just created it on a piece of posterboard, but this would be great to give them a better idea of the layout.

Best Seller! A modern update on the old character analysis/sketch! This is the full PDF version (but also includes the editable Microsoft Word ver...

"Facebook Character Sketch Lesson for Any Novel" aligned with the Common Core State Standards (with timeline layout & separate student files that can be shared electronically for a #paperless activity!) #commoncore

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