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Starting with $10,000 in 1956 and today worth some $8.5 billion, with significant holdings in Coca-Cola, Capital Cities/ ABC and the Washington Post Company, Omaha, Nebr.-based Buffet is a major player on Wall Street. Financial consultant Hagstrom, who did not interview his subject but obtained permission to quote from his Berkshire Hathaway annual reports, here outlines Buffet's iconoclastic tenets for investing.

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How would your life be different right now if you had learned how to win with money when you were young? Teaching our kids how to handle money is one of the most important things we will ever do, and for better or worse, our choices now will leave a legacy for years to come. If you want your kids to grow up financially savvy, don't miss these 7 smart things you need to teach them about money, starting today!

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