Love this! I think it would be cute to have the girls spend the night for one last girl sleep over :-).

Picture with the bride and bridesmaids.

Morning of the wedding picture with your best friends

Cute getting ready picture.

18 Best Getting Ready Photos: bridesmaids jumping on bed (photo by il mare photography)

Everyone needs a wedding picture like this

I will absolutely have a picture like this!

Must take this picture at my wedding!

Bridal party Olympics!!! Bridesmaids vs groomsmen. I could see my friends doing this

I absolutely love this! I would put this over my fireplace!

Last picture of the night.

I love the color and bows of the bridesmaids' dresses.

Bride/Bridesmaid picture


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how you met your bridesmaids

cute wedding morning photo with the bridesmaids

.bridesmaid stuff!!!!

Top 15 photos you NEED for your wedding (or you'll kick yourself later!). This bridesmaid one is fanatics. Lol

Bride shot love the bridesmaids in the back!

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