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As God as my witness, I'll never be hungry AGAIN!!!

Bless her little sneaky heart

She's got some thinking to do

Oh dear me!

She works on a plan ..oh yes

One of my favorites of the movie!

Words spoken by Rhett

Scarlett O'Hara

Rhett Butler

Kissin? Hmm

A Gone with the Wind Christmas!

Ree-lee Rhett? Ree-lee?

Good mor'nin

No words needed

Real tears from Miss Scarlett? The poor poor deeer

Closing line

Speaks for its self

Oh my dear Scarlett & Rhett

What a tree!

Scarlett takes a tumble down the staircase.

Father and child.

Ever the loving father, Mr. Rhett checks on baby Bonnie, as Scarlett pays no never mind and brushes her hair....dear...dear:/

Lord have that is one fine mansion that Mr. Rhett had built!

The war has taken its toll, Scarlett is in mourning and she goes to stay with Aunt Pittypat in Atlanta, where she is courted by Rhett Butler

Miss Scarlett tries to convince Ashley to dump Miss Melanie and to marry her. That girl!!