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So excited for the Verily lifestyle and fashion magazine to come out in May!

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Good Habits That Will Help You Keep the Magic Alive In Your Marriage

The importance of good manners and keeping up dating habits in marriage, from Verily

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Join Us For Tomorrow's Beauty Revolution

@Darling Magazine's Beauty Revolution: “I’m starting my New Year by going bare. This year, I want to try a little harder to love the girl that looks at me from the mirror in the mornings, before the mascara and flat iron do their work. I want to participate in building a new beauty culture that will encourage women to be and love themselves instead of contributing to the jealousy, self hatred, and competition that social media often perpetuates between women.”

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Soulmates and Happily Ever Afters

"Happy relationships don't just happen to us; rather, we actively create them through a series of daily choices." Today, @verilymag discusses how we can create our own happily every after through generosity.

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Breaking Free of Boxes

Avoiding labelling ourselves and others: 'We must be careful with our word choices when we are labeling ourselves or labeling others. We must be aware of what our words presume, and make sure that they allow a little wiggle room and a lot of grace. Putting yourself or others into boxes can be a damaging practice. It closes your mind off from exploring all the various parts of yourself, or trying the things you’ve always wanted to try but might not because you don’t think it’s “you.”'

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Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon | Darling Magazine

The importance of changing media representations of women: "If you can see it, you can be it, or if you can’t see it you can’t be it. And unfortunately what’s happening is the media is dictating our value and gender norms and telling us who we can and cannot be. And the message that seeps into our subconscious is: A women’s youth and sexuality is the most important." - Jennifer Siebel Newsom

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A Good Year for Women's Voices

2014, A Good Year for Women's Voices | Verily

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Is It Really Better To Give Than To Receive?

Is It Really Better To Give Than To Receive? | Verily | "Any successful interpersonal relationship demands some kind of self-gift. Yet as with anything else, moderation is key. Overgenerosity is in reality unauthentic, and true humility means confessing the limits of how much we have to offer. Pretending to be a perfectly gracious, self-sacrificing woman is just that: pretend."

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Break the Rules, Not the Bank: How to Style a Jumpsuit

romper amd kimono


New York Fashion Week SS 2016....Amilna

New York Fashion Week SS 2014 - Vanessa Jackman

no outfit is complete without a scarf. Indigo gives it an organic ease. #MaggiePate #InksandThread - Anky ❤️