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lol to bog!

Jet Fighter Bomber Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family Car Decal.this made me laugh out loud! But I think the little things can be kinda cute

Buy extra stick figures to stick on vans. Is it bad that I find this unbelievably hilarious?  Mwah ha ha ha

Day 21, they haven't noticed.

my neighbors have stick family decals. I bought an extra sticker and they haven't noticed it yet.-too funny!these decals are so stupid!

Best Yearbook Moments - i'm dying

Funny yearbook moments and quotes. Totally reminds me of my yearbook quote. Did I really put that my fav song was "back that thang up" by juvenile?

@Kasen Mire ... Maybe you should show this to your neighbor so he can see what a small complaint he has compared to these people.

Funny pictures about Passive aggressive notes. Oh, and cool pics about Passive aggressive notes. Also, Passive aggressive notes.

Zombie "Zombies ate my stick figure family" Car/Laptop Vinyl Decal Sticker. $3.99, via Etsy.

Zombie "Zombies ate my stick figure family" Car/Laptop Vinyl Decal Sticker

Zombie "Zombies ate my stick figure family" Car/Laptop Vinyl Decal Sticker. $3.99, via Etsy.

Genius... Pure genius

Will being Will

Whose line is it anyway... Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend

My expectations feel violated and dirty (33 photos)

Things you can say to your dog, but not your girlfriend. One of my all-time favorite shows.

Santa, So True, Creepy, Secret Life, Shelf, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Background, Shelves, Merry Christmas Love

Mason Disick is too cute

Almost stepped on a crack . almost broke my mother's back. My kids do this every day with cracks, kitchen tiles, bricks, etc.

Dressed Up LPE- match sole never looks dirty. danaval

hey arnold's skirt is really his shirt? i always thought it was a kilt. about time in my life to finally get this figured out.

Girl quits her job and boss responds Never saw the boss response before :)

I thought I liked hers.until I read his. haha (longest thing ever, but worth the read:)) Damn.


Be careful in that tanning bed, or I will starting telling u that u have been dorito raped