Hahaha Joey would never let me live this down if I got this for our welcome mat ;) Holla Doormat 18x30, $39, now featured on Fab.

buy a rubber door mat and spray it any color you want it

Easy #DIY area rug. Forget paying $ 50-100+ for a rug! Buy a cheap one and decorate it yourself. This woman used a plain rug from Lowe's (only $ 24.98!), a stencil and white acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby (on sale!), and a foam roller. There are so many different color/#design combinations you can use to inexpensively create a unique rug for your room. Easy on the eyes / easy on your #budget !

Curtains at the front door that can be closed at night!

door details + herringbone floor

mirror concepts

Georgia O'Keefe's house, New Mexico. "Neither an Indian house, nor a Spanish house - just MY house." From House & Garden, 1965

Lovely nook.

Wood stain over a stencil. So cool.

black door, sconce lanterns

a must have for my next house.

dream floors


Firminy le salon de l'unité d'habitation

black doors

parisian flat perfection


yellow yellow yellow...

Low Budget House / Le Atelier