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Love thy neighbour

To those people that claim to love thy neighbor. By these standards, do u really love your neighbors?


As most gay people say about what Jesus said about gay marriage, is literally nothing. Meaning that for them gays have the right to marry one another and that it is not disobeying the bible or whatever Jesus has said about gay marriage.

Republicans need to stop trying to suggest some rapes are more "legitimate" than others. Rape is rape.

GOP Rape Crisis Hotline: Political Cartoon from Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune

This is ridiculous. Is this the best place for that child? NO. We can spin lies to support OUR DESIRES all we want. It doesn't change the truth. If she has to work. Fine but most people can't do this & shouldn't. Totally ridiculous.

Licia Ronzulli, member of European Parliament, has been taking her daughter to work for 2 yrs now. As a symbolic gesture for women to reconcile work and family life.

Parents Of The Year!  The insulin pump one is especially cool to me...I feel your pain brotha!!!

The second one about the insulin pump is AMAZING! As a girl with an insulin pump, I would love it if my parents, one day my friends would do this for me. BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

Somebody needs to regulate the finance sector https://www.facebook.com/TheOther98

"let's start calling Wall Street a giant vagina. Then the GOP will regulate the fuck out of it" Holy crap, yes!


Gay marine Brandon Morgan (in military dress and green and white striped shirt) whose homecoming kiss with his boyfriend went viral yesterday has revealed that the passionate embrace was the couple's first ever.

I'm registered as a democrat and will vote Obama this year. I don't dislike ALL republicans just thought this was funny

A bumper sticker featuring the slogan, 'Democrats are sexy - who ever heard of a nice piece of elephant?