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Acho lindo quando o ambiente é todo branco, pois assim as peças e patchwork iluminam e alegram a decoração.

my love for patchwork quilts just. won't. quit.

OMG. Why did I not think of making my own patchwork duvet? I have been hating on the multi-panel duvets since most fabric is only 45". This is PERFECT! :)

patchwork curtains love the sun shining through these - if you elect to make them yourself, just don't line the quilt top, and you get these beautiful stained glass squares. If you already have a quilt try holding it up to the sun you might be able to acheive the look anyway.

Basic Grey - Hello Zig Zag

Fabrics and designs by one of my favorite designers, Anna Marie Horner - DIY Quilted Pillow

I had this seller make me a custom spinner of my most prized posessions and after my cats this would be one of the next things I'd go back into my house to get if it was on fire! LOL!