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PTO 9: My cooperating teacher has mentioned on several times how poverty has such a huge impact on student's learning. This article is a great resource for learning more about this topic and ways that teachers can meet the needs of learners who live in poverty.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Family Separation Group Counseling Program

This group counseling program is designed for elementary students who live in more than one home.F.I.S.H. (Families in Separate Homes) provides a child-friendly framework for counselors to address divorce, separation, fostercare, etc.Product includes cover page, group permission slip, name tags, group leader tips, recommended session topics, and eight fish-themed worksheets.Graphics by

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20 Questions To Ask That Will Reveal A Person’s True Self

Communication & listening skill needed to get to really know a person. Here's a list of 20 questions to ask to really get to know someone. Great for counselling, therapy, education, coaching, networking, dinner parties, starting college or just making new friends. In life, we all just want someone to know us, to hear us, and to appreciate us.

from for the family

5 Scripture Verses my Kids Know and Use Every Day

Our children crave God's word. Have you taught them how to search their bibles for answers to their questions? There is such joy in setting them on a path to uncover Scripture- here are some great ways to begin!

Teaching music can be a daunting task for many homeschool parents, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. As it turns out, introducing music appreciation to our kids can be as simple as reading the right books.