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cuff link steampunk

Awesome combination of vintage/steampunk/geek cufflinks. I hate steampunk, but I love this idea.

fire wood

Cast iron wood splitter - for my mythical survival cabin in the middle of the woods.


A motorized bike will help you survive the apocalypse

Presenting The Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition. Motopeds has outfitted it with a compound crossbow, fuel storage, climbing gear and more.

'Life Is Precious' Survival Kit by Fort Standard

'Life Is Precious' Survival Kit by Fort Standard; This is a piece of art, so let's call it 'highbrow' packaging. A great set of survival tools and gadgets to have for beginners as well as experts.

These military style bracelets, would work for some men. But not for the types that like to suit up.

Military Style

RE Factor Tactical Survival Band: paracord, fishing line, hook, whistle, flint and can opener Outdoors# Camping# Gear# Survival# Gear#

Handcrafted Celebration Box by Heritage Handcrafted

The Celebration Box

This box made of whiskey staves has room for shot glasses, a bottle of liquor and a humidor for cigars – the gift for the man who has everything.