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Bikini Atoll - The USS Saratoga. One of the few diveable aircraft carriers in the world.


Japanese navy gets biggest flat-top since WWII-era aircraft carriers

Japan's Maritime Self Defense Force on Wednesday took delivery of the biggest Japanese warship since World War Two, the Izumo, a helicopter carrier as big as the Imperial Navy aircraft carriers that battled the United States in the Pacific. The Izumo with a crew of 470 sailors is a highly visible

04 Oct 43: US aircraft carrier USS RANGER launches twenty SBD Dauntless dive bombers and an escort of eight Wildcats, attacking two German convoys at Bodo, Norway, sinking 5, in the war's only US carrier action above the Arctic Circle. The German press had reported the Ranger sunk by a u-boat back in April and its commander had been personally decorated by Hitler himself. Oops. More: #WWII