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Omg, i just laughed way too hard at this!

NOTHING has made me laugh this much! Thanks for this one Amanda!

#Awesome you must take a look at it

When, I ask you? --Sorry, history nerd in me couldn't resist.

Omg! This should be one of the games we play at our family functions only we give the player a word instead of using their name and they have to "write" in cursive. Lol!

This is hilarious. He's like "Yes I am Loki, and yes I am being forced to rid this bus with you disgusting mortals!"

Ambercrombie and Fitch CEO looks like an albino Orc.

Thank You Bloggess, for the gift of laughing so heartily, you may have caused me to pee a little at work today.

Oh Juanita, how I enjoy thee! If this confuses or alarms you, please do yourself a favor and check out It'll make [some] sense after that. This is hands down, my absolute favorite site. Never fails to make me smile, think, and laugh uncontrollably.

Nailed it!! 17 Hilarious Pinterest Fails. This is so funny! Everyone, take the time to look at this!

For more fun, visit us at !this creeps me out !!!!!!!!!!