I could do this: doodle my art around the edges, add ONE color, and a quote on canvas.


Handwritten bible verse "God is within she will not fail" psalm 46:5 @allikdesign

So true... I need to remember this!

Walt Whitman

I'm in love with the Cocoa. I got em on the low low lol :)

granny's gonna die soon, want one of her old drawings with this quote on my skin

words of wisdom

I have a habit of being lazy and making up excuses - need to be jolted back to reality with this quote sometimes!

Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle #quotes #sparkle #inspiration <> @kimludcom <> www.kimlud.com

Great article about being a strong woman, having it all, and giving ourselves a bit of grace. A must read for any ambitious woman.

I need to remember this on a daily basis.

Good advice.

A wise reminder!

need to remember this!

to remember

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.


Stop for a second and think this quote over, it should be in your pocket or hidden in your shoe so you can feel it all the time :) JB

Try to remember this.