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roko's Elis

Elis by roko20, via Flickr, found on Ravelry. I feel I must have this yarn, but "how?" (Perhaps a trip to Japan is in order. . . .)

My mom lives an urban life in a landlocked city, but I've always felt she belongs in a small town by the water. It's so easy to picture her hopping on a boat or walking along the shore, her salt and pepper hair mussed by the sea air, her sneakers tattered, her jeans old and worn, but her sweater a chic slip of linen or cashmere. Have you ever known someone who so throughly embodies a duality that you can hardly describe her? That's how I feel about my mom, but one thing I can say for sure…

25 Craft Room Organization Tips

Embroidery Floss and Clothespins Keep embroidery floss from unraveling and getting lost by wrapping it around a clothespin.

How to Soften Economical or Scratchy Yarn

How to Soften Economical or Scratchy Yarn

bunnyknitter's little leaf scarf

The Purl Soho / PurlBee’s Ombre Cowl (free pattern) explores the complexity of subtle shifts in shade and texture by combining yarns of 3 different weights and different fibers. In a gently rippling slip stitch pattern, three gorgeous yarns flow into one another with perfect harmony and grace. Bottom is heavier and lies wider across the breastbone; top is very light to cushion the neck or frame the face.